zondag 13 april 2008


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Visit RIH cycles Amsterdam

Soon we're bound for Amsterdam to visit RIH cycles, founded in 1921 and making damn fine steel racing frames since. They have about 63 world and olympic records achieved on their bikes.
They exclusively work with Reynolds steel, nothing else, no carbon forks, no carbon rear triangles, just beautiful lugged frame construction!

12/04/2008 A trip to Ghent

So, in order to prepare for the first 200km next saturday, i decided to ride to Ghent, the whole ride is 162km, the first 92 kilometers are alongside the Schelde. As expected, there was a strong headwind, about 4Bft, but you know the routine, grab the drop of your bars, find a cadence and go.
Once arrived in Ghent, i ate and got a refilled my bottles, still 70km to go with the wind blowing from the right side. With an average speed of 29km/h, i feel confident about next week, the only thing that worries me a bit, is riding with a roadbook, i think neither one of us has done that before, see how that turns out, i'll keep you posted!

30/03/2008 E3 prijs Vlaanderen

The first cyclo for our team this year! Rudi, Paul and I left Brussels early (6.30)heading for Harelbeke. Once we passed Ghent, clouds where thickening and when we arrived at Harelbeke rain was pouring down, mmm, classic Flemish racing weather ...
After preparing the bikes and choosing the right clothes for the day, we inscribed, got a voucher for a free sandwich and off we went.
We quickly found a group that matched our riding pace and went along with them, sharing pulls at the front. A good pace to warm quickly wich was welcome, due to the rain and the occasional hailstorm.
Oh yes, i forgot to mention the headwind, THE headwind. Hehe.
Everything went well, except for the Paterberg wich Rudi and I had to mount on foot due to bad tirechoice (or was it riding skills), anyway, Paul rode the damn thing as flawless as always and we struggled to walk the cobblestones with our racing shoes.
After 110km, I suddenly noticed an awfull noise when braking in a descent, bad time to find out your brakepads have completely worn out at the back, the last 27km where very interesting to say the least, especially the descents, where Rudi was constantly shouting "Dont touch the brakes!". i survived. After the last descent, the peleton decided the race was open, and Rudi, happy as always with that kind of weather, totally went for it, i was in his wheel, Paul behind and i just died on him the last 7km, he waited, but doing that, we lost the peleton, the last kilometers where finished in a fierce headwind. At the car, time for a quick picture, and then heading for the showers and that free sandwich!